Healing Ellie Healing Me by Cindi McGrath. The true story of Ellie’s and the author’s shared journey of self-discovery and healing. Ellie, abused and tortured before being cast aside as a not-quite-four-month-old puppy, this is her story of transformation. Discovered living in a culvert, starving and covered with wounds and parasites, this is Ellie’s journey from a distrustful and traumatized puppy to a healthy, happy, 120-pound lapdog. That Ellie found the one person - the only person - who could save her, was destiny. Author, animal communicator and intuitive healer; Cindi heard Ellie’s plea, ‘Why was I unlovable to them? Help me. YOU show me how to heal. I don’t know another way. I don’t want to be a bad dog.’ The other dogs and humans who shared Ellie’s journey might have chosen the word fate vs. destiny; Labrador Olive, ‘Why are you listening to Ellie? Stop it! Don’t listen to her! I’ve been here the longest and I am the lead dog!’ Ellie’s anxieties were many: fear of water - lakes, streams, rivers, puddles, rain, fear of the dark, fear of the forest, fear of men, fear of young boys - an actual terror of young boys, fear of enclosed spaces. A twenty-four by twenty-four-foot room was, to Ellie, enclosed space. Ellie bristled and then rushed at virtually anything that surprised her, from an insect to someone entering her home. Along the path of Ellie’s recovery, Cindi asked, ‘What do you need from me, Ellie? Where do I even begin to help you through all of this trapped anger and rage? I want to help you Ellie, but you need to help me understand. What does Ellie want?’ Ellie replied, ‘I need a consistent environment. I need a SAFE and CONSISTENT environment, and I don’t want anyone to argue with me over what I feel I need. When someone argues with me I feel like I am going to die and I just start fighting. And I don’t always know WHAT I am fighting. Then I come to, and I have to see what happened. I'm trying to function within that. I'm trying to function.’ You won’t put this book down once you've met Ellie where her journey toward healing began, in a ditch alongside a lonely road on a cold October evening.   All books ordered from this website will be signed by the author! 

Spirit Surrounded
Universe Sings OM
On the Work of Spirit
Pure Potential
Spirit Surrounded
The Beam
What Vessel Am I
What Am I To Do
Dragons & Angels
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Following a brain injury late summer 2014, words and verse began to pour into my awareness. I began to think in Haiku, literally. A little later, I began to play the violin…at age 51. Having left a successful career in business, I began to follow a more creative path and the path of my heart. Beginnings. Many, many beginnings along with heartbreaking endings. Although I believe our lives are an alchemical process in their entirety, I experienced a profound alchemical shift following the accident that led me to follow my true path, to the truth of the work I have been sent here to do. This chapbook is my second published work. It follows my nonfiction book, Healing Ellie Healing Me ~ A True Story. It is my sincere desire that all of my work brings more love, light, and joy into the world.  Awaken! contains two books in one - Spirit Pack and Spirit Surrounded. Meet many of my animals, domestic and wild, along with the creatures of the forest in Spirit Pack, and take a walk through the unseen world of Spirit in Spirit Surrounded. All books ordered through this website will be personally signed by me! 

Spirit Pack
Ice Walk
Spare Bedroom
Neighbor Dog
Dog Bowls &
Canis Latrans
The Surgery
Elves in My Window