Coaching, consulting, animal intuitive, and other work must be paid for in advance. If you prefer to pay by check, your appointment ~ in person or distance ~ will be scheduled upon receipt of payment. Distance work paid via PayPal will be scheduled and completed within five days of receipt of request and payment.  For in person coaching and phone consultations, Cindi will contact you to schedule.

Cindi is a USSA Certified XC Ski Coach and also coaches runners and triathletes, writing comprehensive training programs and helping athletes of all levels reach their fitness and racing goals. 

Is your animal friend fearful, reactive, or is their behavior puzzling to you? Schedule an Animal Behavior Consultation and learn how to help your animals resolve fear, anxiety, reactivity and other out of balance behaviors.  

Contact Cindi for questions and for other services offered.     

Animal Intuitive Session w/Email Follow-Up $195

Animal Intuitive Session Phone Call Follow-Up $225

Personal Life-Wellness Coaching          45 minutes $75

Personal Life-Wellness Coaching Package ~ Four 45 minute calls $275

           ~ Cindi McGrath ~ 

Contact Cindi:  (715)558-2452

Questions? Contact Cindi at

To pay by check, mail payable to:  Cindi McGrath  

44005 Trail Inn Road, Cable, WI 54821                                               

Triathlon, Cross Country Ski Training and Coaching ~ Contact Cindi

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Animal Behavior Consultation w/Cindi $195

(Qty 3 - One hour sessions with you and your pet)

Professional Wellness Coaching & Consulting for You and Your Pets